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Organizations deploy enterprise applications to process information and deliver the same to the application stakeholders. In all these cases application needs to maintain acceptable service levels in terms of availability and response time to meet these SLO dedicated compute resources (processor, memory, disk and network) needs to be allocated. Another important concern to be addressed is security; the applications need to run in isolated compute resources to avoid any security threat in one application server to another.

  • Server sprawl – Over provisioning of compute resources
  • Under Utilization of dedicated physical server – only 5 to 40 percent of the server hardware is utilized in an average
  • High maintenance cost

Solution and Benefits

  • Server consolidation through Virtualization .
  • Virtualization allows multiple applications to be run on a single physical hardware using a virtual layer between the hardware and the application .
  • Our Consultative approach to the Solution


  • Lower TCO – Reduction in server sprawl
  • Higher Availability of applications – Live migration
  • Higher Service Levels – Dynamic and strict resource provisioning for the workloads

Our Products

Dell, HP, NUTANIX, VMware, MS Hyper V