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HRMS - Attendance & Payroll Management

Mobile App

  • Both Online and Offline Attendance Check in/out
  • Mobile Attendance tracking powered by Location, Fingerprint and Photo
  • Distance tracking
  • Apply leave and check leave balances
  • View & Download Pay slips

Attendance Management

  • Get attendance data on a daily basis, as well as weekly and monthly reports
  • Employee check-in through Biometric, IP based and Manual Attendance
  • Know when your employees entered, left, or failed to mark their attendance in real time

Leave Management

  • Completely customizable leave regulations
  • Manage Variety of leaves – Holiday List
  • Leave Approval Request
  • Access Leave Report

Shift Management

  • Shift and Overtime data in a single interface
  • Add Shit plans
  • Add Shift allowance and manage multiple shift

Payroll Management

  • Any Payroll Changes such as new hires or salary modification in single system
  • Payroll Summary
  • Easy Payslips download
  • Compliance simplified

CRM – Track Your Sales Team​

Quotation Generation

  • Product Bulk upload
  • Revise the quotation multiple times
  • Have both previous and revised quotation
  • Duplicate the quotation with unique id
  • Export the quotation in pdf

Mobile CRM

  • Daily attendance Check in/out
  • Distance and Visit tracking
  • Make a note on interactions
  • Available on both Android and iOS

Leads Management

  • View all interaction data conveniently in one place
  • Record interaction from mobile
  • Using an effective dashboard to manage all opportunities
  • Easily add, prioritize, and track opportunities

Invoice Generation

  • Create invoice in just few clicks
  • Using convert orders, you can convert a quotation to an invoice

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Order Management

  • Order fulfilment that is both quick and error free
  • Maintaining consumer expectations
  • Multi-Warehouse Management

Inventory Management

  • Keep track of inventory up to date
  • Handheld Support

Returns Management

  • Monitor & track supplier performance to prevent supply chain disruptions
  • Satisfies customers interest quickly

Reports & Growth

  • Accurate report on your daily sales, customer, products, expenses, and many more
  • Know your growth curve at your fingertips

Complete visibility of your Stock movement

  • Quickly glance at available stock while receiving new order
  • Prevent shortage of critical raw material